Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coming to an iPad near you in 2012...

A fusion of data which will allow you to get the whole picture of how we live in America -- how our lifestyle choices shape our environment, our quality of life, and our future.  Through interactive visualizations you will be able to examine any place, from the smallest township to the entire nation, including where YOU live.

Here are a few early screenshots to give you and idea of what you will be able to explore (click on any image for full-size).

Electricity Generation
See which energy sources drive our power grid, in total and one by one, at the national, state or county level.    What do we do with that energy?  How does use vary in different climates?   At different income levels?  Cities versus suburbs?

Experience the bounty and beauty of our natural resources.  Below you see rainfall, lakes, and  waterways;  See where and why rivers are dammed, how we use water, and the tension between environment and our desire to live everywhere. 

Gigabytes of Data at Your Fingertips
Below is a zoom into New Orleans and the surrounding area.  The city is selected with a tap (and highlighted in red), giving you the ability to drill down and find out more.